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Arnold, Rodman & O’Keefe PA is a Twin Cities based law firm practicing in all areas of family law including: divorce, child custody, third-party custody, adoption, child support, spousal maintenance, property division, orders for protection, prenuptial agreements, interstate and international divorce, parental kidnapping, Hague Convention cases, and family law appeals.

The partners at Arnold, Rodman & O’Keefe PA are certified as Qualified Neutrals by the Minnesota Supreme Court to serve as mediators and believe a fair and equitable settlement is the first goal of every case.  The attorneys at Arnold, Rodman & O’Keefe PA encourage the use of a wide range of dispute resolution options including mediation, early neutral evaluations, and cooperative law to resolve cases in a timely, cost-effective and client-focused manner. However, as experienced trial and appellate attorneys, the attorneys at Arnold, Rodman & O’Keefe PA are also able to provide skilled advocacy if your case proceeds to trial or appeal.

International Family Law Firm - When Experience Matters Most

The Minneapolis attorneys and staff at Arnold, Rodman & Kretchmer PLLC pride themselves on offering high quality legal services while also providing cost-effective representation in pursuit of our clients’ goals. Our office is experienced in handling family law matters involving Minnesota, other states, and even international custody matters, which is a specialty practice at Arnold, Rodman & Kretchmer PLLC.  We also have considerable experience working with LGBT families and with families that may have a history of medical or special needs. With vast experience practicing in all forms of family law, Arnold, Rodman & Kretchmer PLLC has the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you work through even the most complex family law issues.
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