With the imputation of income, unemployment doesn’t always result in a lack of child support.

February 4, 2016

By: Senior Associate Attorney, Kendal K O’Keefe Most parents will tell you that raising children is expensive, and the law in Minnesota provides that both parents have an obligation to provide for their children. But what can you do when your co-parent is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed? In this situation, the Court can attribute or impute income

Finding the right family attorney for you: what to look for and what should be at the top of your list

January 28, 2016

By: Associate Attorney, Alison Grafsgaard, Esq. Over two million Americans get divorced every year, many of whom have never stepped foot in a courtroom or been involved in litigation. This hurdle, coupled with high emotion inaugurates an interesting and complex relationship between an attorney and his or her client. Building a cooperative relationship from the outset

Coercive Controlling Dynamic in a Co-Parenting Relationship

January 20, 2016

By: Associate Attorney Micaela Wattenbarger, Esq. A dynamic we have been seeing quite a bit lately is one where one spouse or parent in a co-parenting relationship is controlling and emotionally abusive, often with narcissistic tendencies. Courts are becoming increasingly familiar with this dynamic and how it impacts a child’s best interests, but the more subtle

Happy Birthday, America

July 3, 2015

Take some time to observe our nation’s independence in your own way today.           Wishing everyone a fun and safe holiday weekend.

Child Custody in Minnesota

September 8, 2014

When individuals choose to divorce from one other, they don’t always realize the emotional and psychological burdens placed on their children. Separation from either parent during and after a divorce can negatively impact a child’s psyche, and can cause emotional problems in the future. Child Custody in Minnesota is a sensitive topic, and the best

Women’s Radio Network Interview

September 4, 2014

Arnold, Rodman & Kretchmer PLLC #minneapolisdivorceattorney and partner Valerie Arnold was on air with BlogTalkRadio’s Women’s Radio Network on August 27th with a short piece on our  International Family Law Firm with host Roger Moore. You can download or listen to the recording here: http:/

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