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Adapting to Life's Changes

Although an issued court order for child support or spousal maintenance might seem set in stone, a substantial change in circumstances may justify post-decree modifications. The attorneys at Arnold & Rodman PA recognize life’s ever-changing circumstances and can represent both individuals seeking necessary modifications and those defending against changes after their decree is finalized. At Arnold & Rodman PA we seek to use our knowledge and experience to help our clients find practical solutions to change and establish better results through Minnesota post-decree modification.

Post-Decree Modification in Minnesota

Generally speaking, a party may motion to modify a previously issued support order if there has been a “substantial change” in the parties’ circumstances making the existing order’s award unreasonable. This will normally result from a substantial change in income of one or both parties, or a substantial change in the living situation of one or both parties.

Common circumstantial changes may include:

·       Substantial changes in living costs

·       Unforeseen medical costs

·       Change to amount of benefits received

·       Substantial change in income

·       Substantial change in childcare costs

·       Changes in the law

·       Emancipation of a child

The attorneys at Arnold & Rodman PA provide the support and legal experience needed to help you analyze your post-decree concerns and skillfully advocate for the fairest modification results possible. Call our office today at 952-955-8008 to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney who can assist you in navigating life’s changes.