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Many attorneys advertise themselves as Minnesota “Super Lawyers” but not all are worthy of the title.  I came to Arnold & Rodman for representation after my original lawyer committed malpractice and bungled my divorce.   Although the first attorney claimed to be “the best of the best” –  the only thing “Super” about her representation was her ability to rack up billable hours.  Arnold & Rodman do honor to the term “Super Lawyer.”    Ms Arnold was immediately in command of the issues and complications of my case.  She is smart, innovative,  extremely knowledgeable and very effective.   She is always accessible to clients and does not layer personnel to stack billable hours. Ms Arnold is an aggressive litigator who represents her clients with courage and compassion.  My only regret is that I was not smart enough to have had Arnold & Rodman represent me from the very beginning.

July 29, 2014