Mediation in a Nutshell

September 19, 2016

What is mediation and why should you care? Minnesota General Rule of Practice 114.02(a)(7) defines mediation as a “forum in which a neutral third party facilitates communication between parties to promote settlement.” See also Minn. Gen. R. Prac. 303.03(c). A “neutral third party” essentially acts as a referee in a participant-motivated conversation where the parties

What to look forward to at mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods

September 8, 2016

There are other ways of coming to agreements with your ex-spouse outside of court intervention. In Minnesota, parties can choose from a wide variety of alternative dispute resolution options. The most common three are social early neutral evaluations (“SENE”), financial early neutral evaluations (“FENE”), and mediations (facilitative or evaluative). SENE SENEs, or Custody and Parenting

Domestic Violence and Orders for Protection

August 18, 2016

As family law attorneys, we routinely deal with families in crisis. The most serious of these crises involve issues of domestic violence. Sometimes, this domestic violence is severe enough to result in criminal charges and penalties, and in these cases, the Court has the ability to issue a criminal Domestic Abuse No Contact Order (“DANCO”),

Property Division 101: Marital vs. Non-marital property

July 22, 2016

Divorce isn’t just the end of a marital union, but also the separation of two entire lives, including the property that makes up the couple’s marital estate. The goal of any divorce proceeding is a just and equitable division of all marital property. In many cases, an equitable property division means an equal division of debts and

The difference between PTEs and PCs

July 8, 2016

Litigating issues relating to custody and parenting time can be time consuming, emotionally exhausting, and expensive. In an effort to avoid this kind of protracted litigation, many parents turn to various alternative dispute resolution options. Two such options are PTEs and PCs. While they may sound similar, there are some important differences that parents should

Senior Associate Michael H. Fink is named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers®

July 5, 2016

Arnold Rodman and Kretchmer PLLC is proud to announce that Michael Fink was recently named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers®. The Rising Star designation is reserved for attorneys who have distinguished themselves in their practice area, and who are either 40 years old or younger or in practice for less than 10 years. Only

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